Pizza Hut targeted by Asprox/Kuluoz phishing scam

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, as US pizza lovers have recently discovered.

Cloudmark has reported that cyber criminals have been using the lure of free pizza to spread malware via phishing emails.

Hungry users who click on the email link thinking they’ll get free pizza in celebration of Pizza Hut’s 55th anniversary will instead download the Asprox or Kuluoz botnet. Asprox/Kuluoz uses Trojans to affect workstations and SQL injection to affect web servers.


Image: Cloudmark

Although wise to the spurious offer of untold millions from Nigeria, apparent court subpoenas, or unexpected tax rebates from the IRS, an unusually high number of people are falling for this phishing attack. It just goes to show the popularity of free food to the average American. Eagle-eyed diners will note that Pizza Hut was actually founded in 1956, making it 58 years old, not 55.

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