Oklahoma, you’re not “O.K.” : Oklahoma Securities Commission Data Breach

Oklahoma might have been “O.K.” in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s 1943 Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway musical, but the state’s cybersecurity standards certainly aren’t.

On January 16, the ODS (Oklahoma Department of Securities), which oversees and regulates Oklahoma’s securities business, announced “an incident involving the inadvertent exposure of information during installation of a firewall.”

Data relating to FBI investigations, emails, and Social Security numbers dating back 7 years was exposed. Companies included in the leaked FBI files were AT&T, Goldman Sachs, and Lehman Brothers.

In line with Department of Justice policy, the FBI declined to comment on whether it was investigating.

Charles Kaiser, spokesperson at the Oklahoma Securities Commission, the ODS’s policy-making and governing authority, said: “This matter is under investigation and the department has no further comment at this time.” 

According to its announcement, the ODS is following the typical course of action after a breach by reviewing internal procedures, controls, and security measures. It is notifying those impacted and investigating who accessed the database.

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