New iCloud phishing campaign discovered

This is a cheeky one. Cyber thieves have been caught red-handed sending out phishing emails that are designed to steal financial information.

I call this ‘cheeky’ because rather than the usual “you owe us money, gimme gimme” approach, the emails are in fact warning recipients of a potentially suspicious transaction they’ve purportedly made.

Source: Naked Security - Sophos

Source: Naked Security – Sophos

Of course, there isn’t really a suspicious transaction and this is all just a ruse to get hold of the victim’s financial information by using a fake payment cancellation form:

Source: Naked Security - Sophos

Source: Naked Security – Sophos

Indications that this is fake are easily spotted. First, and most obviously, the URL isn’t a usual Apple domain, nor is it using HTTPS.

The sad truth is that a handful of people will very likely fall for this scam.

There are two things to take from this blog post:

  1. Think twice before you open emails such as the above.
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