NERC fines Duke Energy $10 million for cybersecurity failings

North Carolina-based Duke Energy has been fined a record $10 million by NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) for 127 violations of rules designed to keep the U.S. power system safe from physical and cyber attacks.

According to NERC’s penalty notice, “although the risk posed to the BPS [bulk power system] by the individual violations ranged from minimal to serious (52 minimal, 62 moderate, and 13 serious), the collective risk of the 127 violations posed a serious risk to the reliability of the BPS.”

These violations included but are not limited to lack of management engagement, support and accountability relating to the CIP (critical infrastructure protection) compliance program, disassociation of compliance and security that resulted in deficient program and program documents, lack of implementation, and ineffective oversight and training. In five instances, Duke failed to restrict electronic access rights from employees or contractors that resigned or were terminated. In one instance they failed to revoke a contractor’s physical access rights. Per the fine, Duke will implement the mechanisms to correct the situation.

Duke Energy has not commented on the investigation.

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