#NCSAM week 5: Building resilience in your organization’s critical systems

As National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) comes to its end, IT Governance’s team works on raising awareness about the importance of building resilience in your organization’s critical systems. The Internet lies beneath almost every aspect of our daily lives, including our critical infrastructure such as electricity, transportation and communications.

Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

On October 31, National Cyber Security Awareness Month will highlight the importance of building critical infrastructure and the public’s role in keeping it secure. Once the last day of October is gone, the focus will shift to Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, which kicks off in November.

Regular penetration tests can help your organization protect its network and infrastructure, and are considered good cybersecurity practice to ensure secure systems.

Penetration testing can help you identify vulnerabilities in your system

Standards such as the PCI DSS, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, require regular testing as part of compliance. Meanwhile, ISO 27001, the standard for information security management, considers penetration testing an essential component of information security. As a result, we encourage organizations to take action now and ensure that their systems are secure by conducting penetration tests.

Test your systems with IT Governance’s CREST-accredited Infrastructure (Network) Penetration Test and Web Application Penetration Test, which can help identify critical vulnerabilities so that you can ensure your organization is genuinely secure.

You can also benefit from a series of advanced penetration tests and automated vulnerability scans with IT Governance’s Combined Infrastructure and Web Application Penetration Test. This service provides a unique, fixed-price solution to help you improve your network security, meet clients’, suppliers’, and stakeholders’ demands, and facilitate compliance with ISO 27001.

To help establish whether your employees are vulnerable to phishing email attacks, we recommend Simulated Phishing Attacks. By simulating a phishing attack and targeting a sample of your employees, you can assess their awareness of phishing attacks and take remedial action in order to address any gaps in your information security.

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