Mentoring and coaching an effective solution to the cybersecurity skills shortage

Blow your colleagues away with your cybersecurity knowledgeFollowing the recent announcement by the FBI that the cybersecurity industry needs to double or triple its workforce to keep up with the escalation of cyber threats, it is clear that the rapid growth of the cybersecurity industry globally is set to change the face of business in the near future.

The FBI said that it used to learn of new, large-scale breaches every two to three weeks. Now, it’s every two to three days.

Companies across all industries worldwide have reported a 48% increase in the number of detected attacks, according to the PwC Global State of Information Security Survey 2015.

The FBI is looking for experienced and certified experts to join the FBI as cyber special agents as demand for information security professionals in the US is expected to grow by 53% through 2018.

More than 209,000 cybersecurity jobs in the US are unfilled, and postings have increased 74% over the past five years, according to a Peninsula Press analysis of numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you combine the above with the fact that worldwide spending on information security is expected to increase 8 % to $77 billion in 2015 (Gartner), then it is clear that companies are struggling to secure the appropriately qualified resources to get ahead of the cyber threat.

IT Governance has blogged about the dire cybersecurity skills shortage on numerous occasions; more specifically, there are two blogposts highlighting solutions to the problem here and here.

Transferring cyber security knowledge

Given the severe shortage of skills, IT Governance has pioneered a mentoring and coaching consultancy service to help transfer cybersecurity knowledge from the consultant to the client.

Available anywhere in the world via an online consultancy service, Mentor and Coach brings you dedicated expertise and specialist knowledge through five days of structured coaching and project review sessions with an expert consultant. This online consultancy enables an organisation to successfully implement an information security management system (ISMS) aligned to the international information security standard, ISO 27001.

ISO/IEC 27001 is the only internationally recognized cybersecurity management standard. It takes a holistic approach to information security, addressing people, processes, and technology, and sets out the requirements of an ISMS that can be independently audited and registered by an accredited registrar.

Available for the fixed price of $11,000, this approach eliminates the associated on-site consultancy expenses of outsourcing the project to an external firm, and helps to import essential skills and knowledge about managing and maintaining an ISMS internally.

The mentor and coach consultancy is also included in IT Governance’s ISO 27001 ‘Get a lot of help’ package.  This comprehensive package provides expert guidance in the form of two best-selling ISO 27001 guides, the three core ISO 27000-series standards, attendance on two training courses (ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor), the leading risk assessment software vsRisk and IT Governance’s flagship ISO 27001 Documentation Toolkit.  Combined with these key implementation resources and tools, the mentor and coach consultancy helps to solidify the participant’s knowledge through the five consultancy days, scheduled at key stages of the project, thereby ensuring that the ISO 27001 project stays on track to achieve its ISMS objectives.

Read more about ISO 27001 and cybersecurity here.

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