Major US hotel management firm discloses data breach

White Lodging, who provide a range of hotel management and development  services, has come under the spotlight as it investigates a possible data breach across 14 of its properties.

The firm, who manage hotels for brands such as Mariott, Holiday Inn and Radisson across America, believe the suspected credit and debit card breach occurred between March 20 and December 16 at the hotel’s food and beverage outlets. White Lodging have said that the information that was compromised could have included names on credit or debit cards, the full number on the card, security codes and expiration dates.

Customers of these hotels will  now start to question if their card was breached and doubt their loyalty to the hotel chain itself, even though they were not the ones to suffer the breach. Mariott, Holiday Inn and Radisson are now associated with the breach and will most likely suffer brand damage, loss of customer trust and loss of revenue.

This latest data breach to reach the headlines really hits home for organizations of the fact that  your supplier’s information security procedures are as important as yours. How they store, transmit and process your customer’s confidential data can have a significant impact on how your customer values you, as a brand.

ISO 27001 is recognized globally as the world’s only information security standard. By selecting suppliers who are already certified to this standard will bring increased levels of information security, customer and stakeholder confidence, resulting in a significant advantage over your competitors.

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Source: USA Today