List of data breaches and cyber attacks in October

By 3 October, I knew this month was going to be a bad one. Before the month had even kicked off, 76 million customers of JPMorgan Chase had been affected by a massive data breach. October just went downhill from that point.

Below, I have listed over 35 cyber attacks, data breaches, information security threats and other types of attacks, but October has been so bad that I could have easily stretched the list out to more than 80.

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Payment information breach

Dairy Queen Data breach hits 395 stores

Big K’ raided by hackers: Kmart warns customers after malware discovered

Staples stores investigated: suspected payment card breach

Irish Water investigates data breach involving customers’ bank details

Malware on Breyer Horses website for about 18 months, payment card data at risk

Sourcebooks payment card breach impacts more than 5,000 customers

Fraud reports from a ‘few dozen’ customers in Sheplers payment card breach

HMRC phishing scam exposed!

Cyberswim notifies customers that payment card data may be at risk

Huge Data Leak at Largest U.S. Bond Insurer

Flinn Scientific notifies customers of payment card breach

Fidelity National Financial employees targeted in phishing attack

More than a dozen bank accounts hacked at Willard Parking Garage

Data breach

JP Morgan suffers data breach affecting 76 million customers

AT&T Inform Customers of Data Breach

850,000 individuals compromised in Oregon Employment Department data breach

Transcript website flaw exposed personal data on 98k users

Marquette University notifies graduate applicants of possible breach

Physician’s email account, accessed by unknown source, contained patient data

Malware on NDSCS computers that stored data on 15K students and staffers

Valeritas notifies all employees of possible data breach

Touchstone Medical Imaging patient data accessible online

Unencrypted laptop stolen from Community Technology Alliance

Taylor Swift: ‘1989’ Leak Traced Back to Target and France

Cyber attack

White House unclassified network hacked

ClickStartMe & CrowdItForward Hacked

Ukraine Blames Report of Crippled Electronic Election System on Hackers

Websites of 66 municipal bodies in State hacked

Hackers breach the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Goa governor’s website hacked

North Carolina Republican Senate Candidate’s Website Hacked

Ello Users Experience Further Downtime After DDoS Attack

Discovered vulnerabilities

POODLE attack digs up downgrade flaw in TLS

Koler ransomware locks US Android cell phones

Flash Player users may be vulnerable to new attacks

Microsoft warns all Windows users of new zero-day attack

Utility meters at risk of cyber attack

Tyupkin ATM Malware: Banks Give Away Cash

Phone evidence remotely wiped in police stations

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