Jimmy Kimmel Live: How easily would you give up your password?

Most would probably think, ‘No way!’, but in a recent section on Jimmy Kimmel Live, people along Hollywood Boulevard were all too quick to give up their passwords to not only complete strangers, but to the entire nation.

If a Jimmy Kimmel reporter can get your password out of you, how easy do you think it will be for an experienced hacker?

Creating strong passwords is one thing, but restricting them to you and you only can be an entirely different story. People are quick to trust and can reveal their online secrets within seconds without realizing it.

Quick password tips:

  1. Use phrases that are easy to recall but difficult to break e.g. steady_fish#onwards.
  2. Stay clear of using personal information that can be found out about you on the web.
  3. Change it regularly.

My personal favourite:

Passwords are like pants