Implementing ISO 27001 is now easier than ever – here’s why

Get a lot of helpISO 27001 is fast gaining traction in the United States, with an impressive 36% year-on-year growth in certifications.

With companies like Google and Microsoft already holding the cherished ISO 27001 certification, the Standard is gaining international clout for its capacity to strengthen a business’s security stance owing to strict and specific compliance requirements.

Holding an accredited ISO 27001 certification holds many other benefits, however, the most attractive of which is that it can eliminate the need for extensive data security audits when entering into new agreements with a client. This is especially true for organizations with international business interests.

Certification demonstrates an organization’s proven commitment to information security, meaning that it can identify, address, and mitigate its information security risk while focusing on opportunities for continual improvement.

While many view ISO 27001 certification as the ideal data security benchmark, some are put off by perceived barriers to taking up an ISO 27001 implementation project.

Because of concerns over implementation costs and resource shortages, companies often opt for piecemeal information security solutions instead of implementing a holistic information security management system (ISMS), which is promoted by ISO 27001.

Without a comprehensive approach to information security, companies end up unwittingly purchasing and managing overlapping security solutions, resulting in sky-high and unnecessary security costs, often leaving them as vulnerable as before.

What companies don’t realize is that ISO 27001 is within reach for most businesses

Pioneer of ISO 27001 IT Governance has introduced a novel way of enabling all organizations to benefit from the Standard’s powerful data security framework – without the associated consultancy expenses.

Through a specially formulated combination of essential tools and resources, any company can get started with an ISO 27001 project, even if they have no prior experience of ISO 27001 at all.

Get personal assistance from a trusted adviser, without the costs

The ISO 27001 ‘Get A Lot Of Help’ blended consultancy package enables you to be guided by an ISO 27001 implementation specialist throughout the entire project, without the expense of hiring a consultant to do all the work. This unique approach to ISO 27001 implementation empowers organizations to quickly and cost-effectively assimilate and deploy critical knowledge in a way that enables them to achieve certification and to maintain it in future, all at a cost-effective, fixed price.

The blended consultancy package is packed with the following tools and resources:

  1. 5 Days of tailored one-to-one coaching by an implementation specialist (delivered online, using your preferred channel);
  2. 2 Live Online certified training courses to train lead auditors and lead implementers;
  3. Time-saving risk assessment software that provides the entire risk assessment framework for ISO 27001;
  4. All the customizable templates for creating policies and procedures required for ISO 27001;
  5. 2 bestselling practical implementation guides, written by the global ISO 27001 experts;
  6. 3 core ISO 27001 standards required as core references by all organizations implementing the Standard.

Find out how our Get A Lot Of Help blended consultancy package has helped one of our satisfied customers by downloading the case study here.

To view the full consultancy service description, visit the product page.

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