Humans are the weakest link

Humans are the weakest link in information security. Every day your employees face issues that threaten the security of your organization’s information. Whether they are confronted with a new face in the office, have to remember multiple passwords, or need to transfer sensitive data, your information security depends on how they decide what to do in these scenarios.

No matter how many security products or policies you have implemented, the information in an organization is not completely secure unless all employees are trained in security awareness policies and procedures. Information security is critical within the business environment.

Minimize the risk of human error by ensuring non-technical staff are familiar with security awareness policies and procedures in order to better protect information assets.

One of the most common problems is that staff re-use the same password for a number of different accounts. Findings from this infographic uncovered that in the US, the average email address is associated with 130 accounts. Also, nearly two thirds of the 1,000 Internet users surveyed are more concerned with password security than convenience. Although it looks like habits seem to be improving, prevention is important, which is why information security awareness programs are essential for all organizations.

Reduce your security risk exposure with information security staff awareness training

Don’t wait for something to happen – take action and enroll your staff on our Information Security Staff Awareness eLearning course. The course not only familiarizes learners with the basics of information security, including security threats via emails, the Internet, and at the workplace, but also introduces them to your policies on incident reporting and responses.

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