How US organizations can beat thousands of cyber attacks each year

Cyber attackDo you know how many times your organization has been attacked today? Have a guess. Nope. Guess again. According to the IBM Security Services 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, the average US organization experiences 16,856 cyber attacks a year. This equates to 46 a day or almost two an hour. The statistics aren’t in your favor – you’re probably being attacked right now.

Many attacks go undetected. Some break through and some don’t. Chances are that you won’t know about a successful attack until you’re sipping your morning coffee and reading the latest news and see that your company is topping the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Either that or you receive an expletive-filled email from your boss. I don’t know which is worse…

There’s no doubt that cyber crime is increasing at an exponential rate, but many organizations are still sitting back and waiting for the government to do something about it instead of addressing the threat themselves. The authorities are the ones who can catch these criminals and have all the power so it’s their problem, right?

Wrong. The easier you make it for criminals to hack your systems, the more they’ll do it, the more they’ll steal from you, and the more the hacking community will continue to grow as more people sign up for a life of cyber crime.

But if all organizations (yes, including yours) implement appropriate cyber security measures and make it harder for criminals to steal their data, then hackers will turn their attention to something more wholesome – or so we hope, anyway.

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Being cyber secure doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive: there’s a suitable solution for everyone. Waiting for the government to defend you against cyber crime is like leaving your doors unlocked and then blaming the authorities when your home gets burglarized. You just wouldn’t do it.

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