How to meet growing cybersecurity demands

The United States is number one in the world for a lot of things – Olympic basketball, Nobel Prize winners, cheese production – but one category it won’t take pride in leading is data breaches. The competition’s not even close: Last year the US accounted for 47% of the world’s data breaches.

Data breaches are becoming more common and expensive for those affected. In January, IT Governance estimated that at least 3.1 billion records were breached last year. Furthermore, the cost of each lost or stolen record containing confidential information rose by $4 in the past year – to $158 – according to a recent study by Ponemon Institute. This places the total value of those breaches at nearly $480 billion.

Governments are reacting by producing and rewriting legislation to add to a growing list of ever-changing cybersecurity regulations. The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) is, once again, proposing new requirements for banks and financial institutions, while the US is still without a federal law for all states to follow regarding organizations’ need to notify individuals when their personal information has been compromised by a security breach.

Boost your cybersecurity

We are increasingly seeing more and more organizations step up their cybersecurity efforts in a bid to halt attacks. For example, certification to ISO 27001, the internationally recognized cybersecurity standard, grew 78% over previous years (ISO Survey). Certification to ISO 27001 is a globally acknowledged and provides huge business benefits for organizations.

In order for your business to be cyber secure, you need to be able to demonstrate your compliance to ISO 27001. This means developing and maintaining policies and procedures.

ISO 27001 Cybersecurity Documentation Toolkit

ISO 27001 Cybersecurity Documentation ToolkitAvailable to pre-order now, the new ISO 27001 Cybersecurity Documentation Toolkit will help companies meet their demands and comply with multiple cybersecurity regulations.

Covering state, national, and international cybersecurity frameworks, this toolkit enables businesses to produce a robust management system that benefits from international information security best practice. It will help in gaining compliance with:

  • NIST SP 800-53
  • New York State Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Requirements
  • Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00: Standards for the Protection of Personal Information of Residents of the Commonwealth
  • ISO 27001, the internationally recognized cybersecurity framework

Fulfil your cybersecurity obligations and benefit from the international best-practice ISO 27001 information security framework with this set of customizable documentation templates created by leading ISO 27001 practitioners.

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