How risk assessment software can improve your information security

Conducting a risk assessment should be one of the first things an organization does when preparing its cybersecurity policy and program.

Without a risk assessment, key threats could be overlooked, or time, effort, and resources could be wasted defending against attacks that are unlikely to occur or will have little impact.

The process

The risk assessment process can be complex and time-consuming. Risk assessments include all the risks to which information could be exposed, balanced against the likelihood of those risks materializing and their potential impact.

Once the risk assessment has been conducted, the organization needs to decide how it will manage and mitigate those risks, based on allocated resources and budget.

It’s difficult to account for every eventuality and situation that your organization may face, but you can save time, effort, and expense with our risk assessment tool, vsRisk™.

The solution: vsRisk

Created by industry-leading ISO 27001 experts, vsRisk provides a simple and fast way to identify relevant threats, and delivers repeatable, consistent assessments. It enables you to automate your risk assessments, saving 80% of your time and cutting consultancy costs.

Its integrated risk, vulnerability, and threat database eliminates the need to compile a list of risks that you may have previously overlooked or not considered, and the built-in controls help you comply with multiple frameworks.

vsRisk is available in Standalone or Multi-user versions to help organizations of all sizes conduct information security risk assessments with ease.

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