How fast can we get ISO 27001 certified or registered?

Companies are often pushed to achieve ISO 27001 certification (or often referred to as ‘registration’) within a limited timeframe due to a contract requirement from a potential new (or existing) client.

That’s why, at IT Governance, we are often asked how fast a company can get registered to ISO 27001. Although we would like to give them a straight answer, it isn’t always that easy.

Achieving certification/ registration can take as little as three months with IT Governance’s ISO 27001 FastTrack™ service, but for larger companies it can take longer than a year, depending on several factors, such as those I have listed below:

  • Do you have the available internal resources to manage the ISMS implementation?
  • Do you have skilled individuals (preferably trained in Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor qualifications)?
  • What is the proposed scope of your certification (a business unit or the entire company)?
  • How large is your company and how many offices will fall within the scope of your intended registration?
  • Do you have a full set of comprehensive documented policies, processes, and procedures that address information security?
  • Do you have a mature risk assessment and audit process?
  • Are you prepared to work partially or wholly with a consultancy team to assimilate and distribute the required ISO 27001 expertise?
  • Do you have experience working with other ISO standards such as ISO 9001 or ISO 14001?
  • Do you have a specific registrar (or certification body) in mind, and do you know what their availability is?

Organization-wide commitment

At this point, I must say that achieving registration to ISO 27001 should be embraced as part of an organization-wide commitment to the protection of its information assets, and not as a point-in-time exercise to win a contract. But if a contract requirement has pushed the organization to pay more attention to information security, then that is a welcome step in the right direction.

IT Governance’s FastTrack service is a proven delivery model that gets organizations with up to 19 employees to registration in three months – 100% guaranteed. It makes obtaining ISO27001 registration easy, economical, and fast, and with minimal disruption to the business. The Online FastTrack™ eliminates traveling and consultant expenses, while enabling you to take advantage of the expertise of an ISO 27001 specialist and a proven, pragmatic ISMS implementation approach.

With Online FastTrack™, we take care of all of the elements of a typical ISO27001 implementation, right up to registration, and conduct the key assurance processes of internal audit and management review online, with you. The IT Governance consultant develops the majority of the management system documentation and hands it over as a complete package before the stage 1 registration audit.

You also receive expert guidance on how to manage the registration audit process with the support of a qualified IT Governance consultant – online or via the telephone – including during the audit itself.

For larger organizations, IT Governance provides numerous other ISO 27001 solutions, including fixed-price DIY and blended consultancy packages designed to suit different organizational needs and budgets.

Contact one of our key account managers today to discuss your ISO 27001 compliance requirements on 1-877-317-3454.

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