How do you create an incident communication plan that is aligned with ISO 22301?

With the release of ISO 23301, a new dedicated section has been introduced on how to handle communication during an incident. This section also includes requirements on how to handle communication relating to the promotion of the organisation’s business continuity management system (BCMS) for internal and external stakeholders to promote awareness.

But how do you communicate during an incident? How do you create an incident communication plan that ensures you can contact all the affected parties and stakeholders during an incident?

Although ISO 22313, ISO 22301’s sister standard, does give some guidance, it’s not very enlightening to say the least.

Business Continuity Communications. Successful Incident Communication Planning with ISO 22301 is chock-full of practical examples, insider-tips, checklists and templates that will help you create an effective ISO 22301 incident communication plan.

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IT Governance has developed an ISO 22301 Implementation Toolkit to provide all the document templates and tools you need to quickly and effectively produce your own tailored versions of the BCMS documents in line with ISO22301.

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