Hopes for a cyber security bill reboot

US senators met at the beginning of May 2014 to start pushing a bill that allows “companies to share information that could help prevent cybersecurity attacks”. The bill is being pushed by Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein, who wants companies to monitor their own network to locate cybersecurity threats. This new bill would grant companies legal protection for sharing such information.

According to Greg Nojeim, senior counsel for the Center for Democracy & Technology advocacy group, the bill “still needs a lot of work.” Information would need to be shared with the Defense Department (parent organization of the NSA). However, Nojeim believes that “trust in the NSA has eroded so much that the bill probably cannot advance without much more clarity about how much personal information would flow to the NSA under the cybersecurity umbrella.”

This bill is a very small piece in a much larger and complex puzzle, and it has been difficult for the White House to agree on a bill or standard due to disagreements over the information that companies can share with each other.

What can you do in the mean time?

A successful cyber attack can have devastating consequences for a business, including the theft of information, disruption of services and loss of reputation.

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Source: US News