Honeywell and Karamba team up to bolster automotive cybersecurity

The automobile industry is becoming increasingly reliant on cellular and satellite communications to improve system communications within vehicles. On top of this, 40% of vehicles sold are connected to the Internet of Things. It is estimated that, by the decade’s end, that number will exceed 80%.

As car manufacturers begin to embrace digital controls and Internet connectivity with electronic control units (ECUs), they are becoming likely targets for cyber criminals. To date, there have been few automobile hacks – most have served to demonstrate potential vulnerabilities. But as automobiles become increasingly cyber-dependent, they leave consumers vulnerable to criminal hackers taking control and, in worst-case scenarios, endangering their lives.

Honeywell, a manufacturer of commercial and consumer products, engineering services, and aerospace systems, collaborated with Karamba Security, an ECU endpoint security firm, to create an end-to-end automotive cybersecurity solution. The system is designed to monitor and secure vehicle communications while limiting cyber threats. The two companies will jointly showcase the system at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

According to the official press release, “Honeywell Transportation Systems (TS) and Karamba Security are focused on pairing TS intrusion detection technology software and security operations centers with Karamba Security’s ECU intrusion detection software. The collaborative effort highlights the value and effectiveness of an end-to-end protection system, which can be adapted to any car’s ECU to help ensure passenger vehicle safety and security from detection to prevention and reporting.”

Honeywell and Karamba Security will comb 100 million lines of vehicle operations code

In real time, the two companies will monitor and validate real-time software commands and data controlling automobile operation.

  • Honeywell’s intrusion detection software will review in-vehicle network communications and detect anomalies
  • KarambaSecurity’s ECU software will avert cyber attacks
  • Anomalies and forensic data from prevented attacks will be conveyed to Honeywell’s security operation centers for analysis, reporting, and remediation

Honeywell’s Transportation Systems team of software experts has spent the last few years tracking digital connectivity trends in the automotive industry, including autonomous vehicle development. Honeywell has more than 60 years of experience in the automotive field combined with expertise in critical industrial safety solutions.

Karamba Security has worked with 16 automakers and tier-1 automotive suppliers to secure their ECUs of choice, what it calls “hardening.” Together, the two firms will engage automakers to standardize the new cybersecurity technology.

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