Heartbleed bug increases cyber threat fears

The Heartbleed bug, which has now affected two thirds of the world’s secure websites for over two years, hit the headlines last week. Attacks leave no trace, and it’s impossible to know whether or not a particular site has been hacked.

With cyber threats advancing at such an alarming rate, the need to employ effective and realistic cyber security measures to protect your information assets has never been more urgent.

The Finnish security firm who helped discover the flaw, Codenomicon, has said that “smaller and more progressive services or those who have upgraded to (the) latest and best encryption will be affected most.”

Security experts are urging people to change their passwords and for organisations who think they’ve been affected to install the fix that came out on Monday.

None of IT Governance’s websites have been affected, but if you think your business has been affected by the bug, we strongly recommend a penetration test which includes a Heartbleed bug test. Call us today to discuss your specific requirements, toll free on: 1 877 317 3454.

The cyber threat is very real and current. For a wider overview to the threat as a whole, download our free briefing paper, Cyber Security: A Critical Business Issue, to understand the threats that affect your organisation, and the cyber security approach you should take. Written by acknowledged international cyber security expert Alan Calder, this paper will help you recognise the rising threats and the appropriate actions to take.

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