GDPR survey: Tell us about your compliance journey to win $500 voucher

In early 2017 IT Governance ran a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance survey to find out how many businesses had started their GDPR project. We found that a lack of skills and resources was one of the main obstacles for organizations working towards GDPR compliance. Of the early adopters of the GDPR, many were struggling to conduct risk assessments, create policies or conduct data audits.

This week we have launched a new survey, designed to evaluate the level of awareness organizations have of the GDPR and assess the progress achieved with their compliance project. The survey only takes 5 minutes to complete and runs through a series of questions to establish the compliance status of the organization in question, and will also help us to understand what the biggest challenges facing professionals as they try to become compliant by the May 2018 deadline.

Tell us about your compliance journey to win $500 voucher

We’d like to hear about your experiences with becoming GDPR compliant – please take 5 minutes to complete our survey and in exchange we will enter you into the draw for a $500 IT Governance voucher, which can be used either for your own professional development, or to help support GDPR compliance projects.

If you wish to receive a copy of the report, please fill in your email address in the final survey question.

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