Four data breaches announced in the past five days

Five million Gmail addresses and passwords found online

Five million Gmail addresses and plaintext passwords were posted on an online forum called on Tuesday (September 9) from a user with an online alias of ‘tvskit’. Security researchers have analysed the data and deem it to be up to three years old and sourced from multiple data breaches.

A Google representative said on Wednesday that, “We have no evidence that our systems have been compromised, but whenever we become aware that an account has been compromised, we take steps to help our users secure their accounts.”

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Home Depot confirms data breach at US and Canadian stores

Home Depot, America’s fourth largest retailer, confirmed on Monday that its payment systems were hacked, affecting more than 2,000 stores and 60 million payment cards. This is thought to be the largest breach ever.

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Over 3,700 patients’ details stolen at Temple University

On Thursday (September 11), it was confirmed that 3,780 patients’ details had been stolen from Temple University, Philadelphia, during a break-in. Details included patient name, age, billing codes, and in some cases the name of the referring physician.

Temple said that it has now taken steps to prevent such a theft in the future.

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Bartell Hotel chain payment card numbers exposed in data breach

A San Diego-based hotel chain, Bartell Hotels, has had its customer credit card information stolen in a cyber attack. In a statement issued this week, Bartell announced that up to 55,000 customers may have been affected.

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