Five images of public infosec fails

Every office has that person. You know, the person who prints emails, calls IT about a broken lightbulb, or emails a 100MB document to the person next to them.

Well, today you can consider yourselves lucky that you have them, because the following five organizations were rather unfortunate and had people who are much worse.

Here is a list of what we believe are five photos that will make any security pro laugh and/or cry.

England footballers’ passport details leaked on Twitter

As a person who works in social media, I feel ashamed that someone in the same role as me was foolish enough to tweet a photo containing the passport number of people in England’s World Cup team.


Identity theft + people on £100k a week salaries = cha ching!

Upside down = new level of security

We all know that it’s okay to print passwords, as long as they’re upside down for the public. Right? Guys?


Prince William website accidentally reveals RAF password

A prince wouldn’t be such a fool, would he?

No, he wouldn’t. But whoever uploaded an image of Prince William standing in front of highly sensitive Royal Air Force usernames and passwords would be such a fool.


Major anti-terror operation data leak

Bob Quick, formerly Britain’s most senior counterterrorism officer, had to step down from his role after he was pictured getting out of a car while holding sensitive documents in plain sight.


The document contained details about a plan designed to foil an alleged Al-Qaeda plot to bomb Britain.

We imagine his face was the same colour as the unused folder in the same hand once he realised his mistake.

I can’t even come up with a title for this one

In a world of identity theft and cyber-paranoia, it is quite the marketing campaign to post your owner’s Social Security number on the company website of an ID theft prevention service. Just the thing to give your customers peace of mind – or it was until 2007, when the owner became a victim himself. A crafty thief used his information to obtain a $500 personal loan from a check cashing store. D’oh!


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