Dispelling the myths of Live Online training

Office laptopYes, I know what you’re thinking: “Online training; hit the snooze button. Staring at a screen for eight hours a day, listening to a monotonous voice present some pre-recorded jargon? I don’t think so…”

Well, I have to admit that I shared some of these sentiments before I attended the ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer Online last month. I was a bit apprehensive about attending online, but I couldn’t afford to spend three days away from the office (along with all the travel expenses), so attending Live Online was my only realistic option.

So I’m here to tell you what attending a Live Online course from IT Governance is really like.

  1. First, the course was presented Live Online. This is considerably different to a pre-recorded online course. We could all fully interact with the tutor and each other, ask questions, ask the trainer to go over pieces we didn’t understand and enter into group discussions.
  2. It was surprisingly similar to a classroom course. Okay, you couldn’t see the people on the course, but you could hear everything that was going on and, once immersed in the course, this wasn’t an issue. The trainer went through his slides (which we had received PDF copies of a few days before and could follow), we broke regularly for breaks, and we split up into smaller groups for discussions and exercises. The live audio and video components provided a near in-person experience.
  3. It was intense. I attended the three-day ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer Online (which might be the most intense of them all, I don’t know), but I definitely couldn’t work at the same time or have any distractions. On the first day I went home to take the course, but, with a puppy running around and demanding attention, this proved to be a silly idea. I would recommend staying in the office if you have any children or pets, or are tempted by TV at home!
  4. It was friendly. I know this may seem like a small point to make, but it really played a big part in enjoying the course. Throughout my three-day course, I spent 21 hours learning alongside people from all over the world: Trinidad, Albania, New York and the UK, and it’s surprising how everyone is in a similar boat to you. Implementing ISO 27001 is daunting at the best of times, and to hear people from other companies are feeling the same things as you makes it that bit easier.
  5. The trainers really are experts. I know this term is bandied around regularly, but trust me when I say that they really are. Alan Calder led the online course last month and you can instantly tell that he wasn’t reading from a script. He really knew his stuff, has decades of experience and could answer any question we had. His consultancy background was really helpful throughout the course, knowing exactly how difficult senior management can be, the pitfalls of preparing documentation or risk assessments, and the minutiae of getting ready for the audits.

After attending the three-day course, I can say I’m fully converted to Live Online training with IT Governance. Convenient, captivating and comprehensive – this really was a crash course in implementing ISO 27001, and I would fully recommend Live Online training.

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