Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in the USA in April 2024 – 4,277,728,098 Records Breached

IT Governance USA’s research found the following for April 2024:

  • 282 publicly disclosed security incidents (43% of all incidents globally)
  • 4,277,728,098 records known to be breached

This month, as is often the case, we’ve found the USA to suffer more publicly disclosed incidents than any other country in the world. For instance, in March, the USA suffered 33% of all incidents, and in February, 45%.

However, it’s less common to see the USA suffer the largest chunk of all records breached globally within any month – in this case, 80%. Or, for that matter, see a multi-billion number of records known to be breached.

This was largely caused by one outlier event: 4,186,879,104 Discord messages had been harvested and offered for sale on a data scraping website, This website has now been taken down.

Free PDF download: Data Breach Dashboard

For a quick, one-page overview of this month’s findings, please use our Data Breach Dashboard:

You can also download this and previous months’ Dashboards as free PDFs here.

This blog provides further analysis of the data we’ve collected. We also provide an annual overview and analyze the longer-term trends in our 2024 overview of publicly disclosed data breaches and cyber attacks in the USA.

You can learn more about our research methodology here (updated this month).

Top 5 biggest breaches

Note: Where ‘around,’ ‘about,’ etc. is reported, we record the rounded number. Where ‘more than,’ ‘at least,’ etc. is reported, we record the rounded number plus one. Where ‘up to,’ etc. is reported, we record the rounded number minus one.

Sector overview

For our monthly analyses, we just look at the top 5 most breached sectors in the USA by number of incidents and by known number of records breached.

We’ll provide a full sector breakdown in our annual report.

Top 5 most breached sectors (by number of incidents)

Note: To make this table as informative as possible, the percentages exclude the ‘multiple,’ ‘other,’ and ‘unknown’ sectors.

Top 5 most breached sectors (by number of records)

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