Cybersecurity spending to exceed $1 trillion – talent needed

Cybersecurity spending to exceed $1 trillion – talent neededCybersecurity Ventures recently forecast the global spend on cybersecurity to exceed $1 trillion in the five-year period from 2017 to 2021, but, even then, cautioned that predictions were “unable to keep pace with the dramatic rise in cybercrime, the [ransomware] epidemic, the refocusing of malware from PCs and laptops to smartphones and mobile devices, the deployment of billions of under-protected Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the legions of hackers-for-hire, and the more sophisticated cyber-attacks launching at businesses, governments, educational institutions, and consumers globally.”

Countering the stereotypes

The need for cybersecurity professionals to help address the increasing cyber threat – both nationally and globally – has clearly never been stronger, and opportunities are there for the taking for those with the right qualifications:

  • A Peninsula Press analysis of numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics last year found there were more than 209,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs, with postings up 74% over the previous five years.
  • A 2015 Cisco report put the global number of open cybersecurity jobs at 1 million.
  • According to Burning Glass Technologies, cybersecurity professionals can command an average salary 9% higher than other IT workers.

But, as Troy Johnson, the director of the US Navy’s cybersecurity division, told US News’ recent STEM Solutions Conference, part of the problem when filling the skills gap is in countering stereotypical images:

“I think people think about a guy who eats corn chips, drinks Mountain Dew, wears a black shirt and doesn’t talk to anybody,” he said. Meanwhile, 48% of cyber risk management jobs are actually held by women.

Best-practice cyber risk management

Increasing numbers of US organizations are turning to the international standard for information security management, ISO 27001, to address their security concerns.

ISO 27001 provides a risk-based approach to enterprise data security that can be applied across the organization and throughout the supply chain.

But attaining and maintaining accredited certification to the Standard needs appropriately qualified staff.

Whether you’re an individual looking to boost your career prospects, or you need to train your staff on international information security best practice, IT Governance’s ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer Online training course could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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