Cyber security: the hottest job in town

Burning Glass, a US high-tech developer of job market technologies, has reported a huge – and growing – demand for cyber security professionals. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise however, as with our dependence upon the internet comes an increased exposure to cyber threats.  And as technology develops, becomes more freely available and more widely used, cyber threats change.

The problem is that the number of cyber security professionals has not kept pace with our dependence upon cyber space.

Burning Glass processes data from more than 22,000 online job sites, and reported that the demand for cyber security jobs rose 73% from 2008 to 2012. This trend is set to continue and the National Institute of Standards & Technology estimate the US will need a staggering 700,000 new cyber security professionals by 2015.

Cyber security is critical for all of us. It permeates all levels of society and affects individuals, organisations and governments. After the meeting between Presidents Obama and Xi Jinping, US officials stated that cyber security was placed at the ‘center’ of their relationship.

Recently the publication Network World called cyber security the hottest job in IT. With the volume of vacancies and the excellent salaries and career progression a career in cyber security brings, I’d be tempted to say cyber security was the hottest job in town.

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