Canfield Scientific selects IT Governance USA for GDPR consulting services

IT Governance USA recently helped New Jersey-based Canfield Scientific with GDPR compliance, through our Gap Analysis service.  The GDPR Gap Analysis provides an in-depth review of compliance with regulatory requirements.

Canfield is a global leader in imaging systems, services, and products for scientific research and health care applications across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, medical, and skincare industries.

Canfield needed a GDPR consultant to assess its compliance with the Regulation.

Why IT Governance was chosen

Canfield felt it was vital to assess and resolve any gaps in compliance to protect the data of its customers and business partners, and to protect itself from regulatory issues. Canfield selected IT Governance USA because of our informative website and highly responsive team.

A Canfield spokesperson said: “The IT Governance consultant was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in working through various bits of the Regulation and its applicability to the business.”

Canfield continued: “The IT Governance team was very flexible, prompt, and readily available across time zones, and offered a clear path to compliance.”

Results of IT Governance USA’s work

As a result of the gap analysis, Canfield’s position has improved in the market as it continues to offer best-in-class service to its clients. Its revised policies and agreements further enhance its competitive advantage, giving clients greater assurance regarding the protection of their data.

After examining Canfield’s data processing practices and network flows, we were able to help identify risk(s) associated with certain data processing activities.  Naturally, as Canfield supports the medical space, there is some risk associated with their collection and storage of sensitive health information, including biometric imagery. Once these issues were identified, subsequent work could begin to revise existing business practices in an effort to enhance compliance with GDPR and embolden data subjects’ control over their data. Contracts with existing service providers now include strengthened data protection clauses, while customer-facing services have revised consent collection forms to properly collect customer health information. As part of the review, an already strong network architecture and encryption policy was further strengthened to give end-to-end protection over data subjects’ privacy when using Canfield tools and technology in the field.

IT Governance USA is ready to help you with all your cybersecurity needs. Contact us at or on 1-877-317-3454 to learn how we can help your organization.

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