Americans: concerned about cyber attacks but failing to take basic precautions

TransUnion has recently released its annual Cyber Security survey which interviewed around 1,200 American consumers about their perceptions of cybersecurity. Despite 55% of the respondents saying they are somewhat, very or extremely concerned about cyber threats, nearly half of them still don’t take basic cybersecurity precautions, such as frequently changing their passwords, which only 51% of respondents reported doing.

Based on the research, consumers feel that the greatest threats to their online security are:

  • Email hacking (40%)
  • Online credit card theft (38%)
  • Cell phone theft (35%)

Many were also worried about identity theft, with 83% of those surveyed reporting that they were extremely, very or somewhat concerned. The prevalence of online banking, online shopping, and social media means that cybercriminals have plenty of opportunity to steal sensitive information. By collecting bits and pieces of information from these sources, fraudsters can easily puzzle out the details of someone’s life and steal their identity.

Cybersecurity starts at home

How much effort you take to secure your personal life usually reflects your habits in the workplace. So if nearly half of Americans don’t adopt basic cybersecurity measures, we can speculate that they don’t follow them in the workplace, either. Managers should be worried.

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

IT Governance has supported  the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) campaign to raise awareness of cyber crime and cybersecurity throughout the US. This week’s theme is all about basic steps to online safety and security, and it’s the perfect time to think about how your staff can take an active role in fighting cyber crime and protecting your company.

Familiarizing your non-technical staff with your company’s security awareness policies not only will reduce the risk of inadvertent staff-related incidents but will also give your colleagues a broad understanding of basic best practices to follow. Enrol them all on the Information Security Staff Awareness Elearning course to make sure they are updated and ready to fight cyber crime!

Share basic cybersecurity best practices
with your staff