A brand new tool for conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments

The new Data Protection Impact assessment tool will help data controllers quickly determine whether they need to conduct a DPIA in accordance with GDPR

Information security and compliance specialist, Vigilant Software has reinforced its product portfolio with the launch of a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) tool.

A core part of a DPIA is to identify risks, calculate how likely they are to occur and what impact that might have on an organization. They are important tools for accountability, helping controllers not only comply with the requirements of the Eu’s General Data Protection Regulation but also demonstrate that appropriate measures have been put in place to ensure compliance.

Vigilant’s DPIA tool walks customers through the steps they must complete as part of a DPIA, including questionnaires that prompt users for information about the process and providing the means to identify individual risks to the data subjects, including evaluating levels of risk and corresponding responses.


Vigilant’s DPIA tool features a range of benefits including:

Simple and effective risk assessment: the tool simplifies and accelerates the risk assessment process by replacing standard manual data input with a quick and intuitive online interface that can be reviewed and updated periodically.

Alignment with GDPR: It helps organizations meet the requirements set out in Article 35 of the GDPR

Standardized procedures: To aid consistency across the organization, the DPIA tool provides six standardized steps to ensure all information is accurately captured and helps controllers track progress in compliance and risk assessment.

Full integration with existing software: The DPIA tool can be seamlessly integrated with other compliance and data mapping tools offering complete visibility.

For more information visit our DPIA Tool page for key features, technical specifications, and demo information.

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