95% of people share up to six passwords with others

95% of people share up to six passwords with others, a recent LastPass Sharing Survey stated. Despite being aware of the risk (73%), they keep on sharing passwords for financial, business, social media, and entertainment accounts and profiles.

The most frequently shared passwords

People love sharing passwords for:

  • Wi-Fi access 58%
  • TV or movie streaming 48%
  • Financial 43%
  • Email and communication 39%
  • Social media 28%
  • Work-related 25%
  • Utilities 23%


  • Spouse or significant other 76%
  • Child 26%
  • Co-worker 22%
  • Friend 16%

Recycle and reuse

But the worst finding of the study is that 59% of consumers surveyed admit reusing passwords for multiple logins: This means that just one stolen password can give a criminal access to a multitude of accounts and their associated personal information!

Things turn worse at the workplace

Two thirds of people are more likely to share work passwords than personal passwords. Why do they do that? Because they share a team account, they delegate work to others, or because of an emergency. In short, because they trust each other.

It takes just one stolen password

Sharing passwords increases the probability of being breached: It takes just a single password to let cyber criminals intrude into your systems and networks and do harm. It’s like an invitation or an open door. Staff should be aware of the risk of this behavior because what’s at stake is much more than a series of characters, symbols, and numbers: It’s the survival of the whole company.

Eradicate misconduct

But, as the manager, what can you do? The answer is staff training. Letting your staff be aware of the risks they face and how they can simply adopt correct solutions will have a positive impact on your overall risk management.

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