91% of Americans believe they’ve lost control of personal information

Log in detailsMore than a year after Edward Snowden’s revelations about government surveillance by the NSA, a survey carried out by Pew Research Center’s Internet Project reveals Americans’ widespread lack of confidence in the control they have over their personal information, and how it is used.

The survey found that:

  • 91% of Americans agree that consumers have lost control over how personal information is collected and used by companies.
  • 88% of adults agree that it would be very difficult to remove inaccurate information about them online.
  • 80% of adults agree that Americans should be concerned about the government’s monitoring of phone calls and internet communications. Just 18% disagree or strongly disagree.
  • Only 36% agree with the statement: “It is a good thing for society if people believe that someone is keeping an eye on the things that they do online.”

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How to regain consumer confidence

Trust is key to consumer relationships, and customer confidence would be significantly boosted by accredited certification to the international standard for information security management, ISO 27001.

An ISO 27001-certified information security management system will enable you to integrate international best practice into your existing management approach to information security, streamlining and strengthening your business processes to help you cost-effectively ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your organization’s data assets.

It will also assure your suppliers, customers, stakeholders, and staff that you are following fully-auditable best practice, which will increase morale within your organization and confidence in its competence outside it, giving you a competitive edge and enabling you to win more business.

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