78% of organizations are NOT fully prepared for organized cyber crime

A joint BT-KPMG report (Taking the offensive: Working together to disrupt digital crime) has found that only a fifth (22%) of IT decision makers in large multinational corporations throughout the US, UK, Singapore, India, and Australia are confident that their organization is fully prepared to deal with cyber crime.

The threat cyber crime poses is constantly evolving and the majority of large businesses (78%) are not confident that they can prevent these attacks. In order to respond to the rising cyber threat, businesses need to be agile, but many organizations feel constrained by a number of factors:

  • 49% of businesses feel constrained by regulations
  • 45% lacked skills and people
  • 46% are held back by a reliance on legacy systems
  • 38% cited inflexible processes within their organizations
  • 94% named reliance on third parties as a problem

No strategies in place

A key issue raised in this report was that many businesses do not have processes or strategies in place to deal with the growing threat of cyber crime:

  • 51% did not have a strategy to deal with blackmail
  • 44% did not have a strategy to deal with bribery
  • 47% did not have a strategy to deal with the planting of staff

It’s important for businesses to have these types of processes in place and documented so that employees can follow them when something goes wrong, as well as to prove the organization’s commitment to protecting their information and assets.

Large organizations implementing an ISMS (information security management system) are looking at maintaining up to 1,000 pages, which can be extremely laborious.

On the other hand, using authoritative templates that comply with ISO 27001 (the world’s most recognized information security standard) is a great solution for businesses of all sizes.

Getting help putting in place best-practice policies and procedures

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