60% believe they can’t handle anything but simple cyber security incidents

A new global survey released by ISACA reveals that six out of every ten cybersecurity managers believe their organizations cannot handle anything other than simple cybersecurity incidents. This could be due to a lack of cybersecurity expertise, the lack of an adequate management system that provides guiding principles for dealing with cyber threats, or a combination of both. By implementing an information security management system that also provides IT teams with adequate training, an organization is able to develop an effective cyber security response plan and effectively address these problems.

Directors are concerned

Encouragingly, the report shows that 82% feel that their board of directors is either concerned or very concerned about cybersecurity issues.  Less encouraging is that 74% of respondents expect a cyber attack in 2016.

Enterprises are forced to deal with cyber attacks daily and must be prepared to deal with evolving adversaries that are highly motivated to achieve their goal. In order to tackle the threat landscape, enterprises must take a risk-based approach to cybersecurity so that they can achieve resilience when an incident does occur.

How ISO 27001 provides a resilient cybersecurity solution

ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security that provides a best-practice approach to cyber risk management through the implementation of a cost-effective and efficient management system. Encompassing people, processes, and technology, the management system is based on the logic that conducting regular risk assessments and implementing controls to negate these risks provide a robust, ongoing defence.

The Standard provides a list of recommended controls that cover a broad range of cyber risks, such as frequent website and network penetration testing, security staff awareness training, and the development of appropriate policies and procedures.  The Standard also emphasizes continual improvement, ensuring that the management system continues to adapt to the changing cyber risk landscape.

Do it all cost-effectively

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