290,000 driver’s license records stolen from US government computers

290,000 driver’s license records stolen from US government computersA set of data has been listed for sale on the dark web that purports to hold over a quarter of a million driver’s license records, claims the International Business Times.

According to the hacker, who uses the alias ‘NSA’, the data include names, date of births, addresses, ZIP codes, phone numbers, and email addresses. The data also reportedly contains details about drivers’ infringements such as speeding, theft, and even murder.

The Real Deal, like all dark web-hosted marketplaces, accepts payment in Bitcoin, which is a form of cryptocurrency that makes online purchases anonymous.

Government has suffered string of data breaches recently

Last year, the government confirmed data was stolen from the Office of Personnel Management, compromising 21.5 million people. Later that year, files containing 5.6 million federal employees’ fingerprints were stolen.

Below, The Atlantic has plotted out a timeline of government data breaches.

OPM Hacks

How to prevent data breaches

While it’s impossible to 100% protect your business from data breaches, there are many ways you can significantly reduce the risk as well as the impact. The people, processes, and technology within your business are your greatest assets in defending against cyber crime.

The most effective way to mitigate data breaches is to implement an ISMS (information security management system) that promotes a culture of security throughout your organization, and addresses people, processes, and technology.

Best-practice cyber risk management

The international standard ISO 27001 provides a risk-based approach to enterprise data security that can be applied across the organization and throughout the supply chain. As well as improving your cybersecurity, the external validation offered by ISO 27001 certification is likely to increase your organization’s business efficiency while providing a higher level of confidence to customers and stakeholders. It also enables you to meet legal, contractual, and regulatory data protection obligations.

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