17% of US employees would use a USB stick found in the street

With the aim of assessing the current state of cybersecurity awareness in the working environment, CompTIA conducted an online survey of 1,200 US employees as well as a social experiment to observe their habits and behaviors.

The social experiment – 17% caught in the net

The team of researchers hypothesized that, while there is increasing concern about cyber attacks and data breaches, people still have poor cybersecurity hygiene that puts their own devices at risk. To test this assumption, they dropped 200 USB sticks in public spaces. Each stick contained text files prompting the reader to click on a link or send an email to a specific address. After a few weeks, 17% of the sticks were picked up, plugged in, and resulted in the researchers being notified, either because the user clicked on the link or sent an email. The hypothesis turned out to be true: Despite people’s awareness of cyber threats, they still make decisions that could have disastrous outcomes.

The online survey – 45% of US employees don’t receive cyber security training

According to the survey, 45% of respondents don’t receive cybersecurity training, and they blame their company for not providing them with resources to help combat cyber crime. Among those who are lucky enough to receive security training from their company, the most common training method is online (32%), followed by in-person group workshops (26%).

Online cyber security awareness training – a lot of benefits at a convenient price

E-learning training courses are the preferred choice for companies that want to educate their whole staff, as well as single users who want to improve their knowledge of cybersecurity. Because the courses are online:

  • They don’t need staff be gathered in one place – all that employees need is a computer and an Internet connection;
  • They can be started and stopped according to the learner’s needs and workload;
  • No travel and accommodation expenses;
  • The administrator can find out at any time who has finished the course and what they scored on the test, and can generate records of course accomplishments;
  • They can be tailored to the company’s requirements;
  • They are environmental friendly – no paperwork needed.

Last but not least, e-learning courses are the cost-effective solution for large organisations that want to provide induction and ongoing staff training.

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