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Your single source of everything for IT Governance. Discover Why

At IT Governance Ltd, we source, create and deliver products and services to meet the real-world, evolving IT governance needs of today's enterprises, directors, executives and practitioners.

This site is the U.S. Single Source for a wide range of IT governance information, guidance, books, tools and distance learning.

Corporate & IT Governance Resource

IT Governance recognizes that Information and Information Technology is at the heart of the modern economy - and at the heart of the modern enterprise.

IT governance is the difference between success and failure in today's high technology environment. Enterprises are more and more dependent on their information systems.  Regulators and the public are increasingly concerned about the proper use of information, particularly personal data.  Cyberthreats from criminals and terrorists are increasing.  The situation continues to deteriorate.  Many organizations are identifying information as an area of their operation that needs to be protected through corporate governance plans as part of their system of internal control. 

This web site is designed for, and is primarily directed at, C-Suite executives, as well as directors, managers and practitioners and, increasingly, those new to the subject. This website aims to offer the most comprehensive range possible of books and tools to help those responsible for corporate governance and IT management generally to understand, direct and manage the IT governance and information security efforts within their organizations.  We can help you implement a corporate governance regime that will meet the needs of Sarbanes-Oxley and other key legislation. We can also help you with frameworks, standards, books and tools that can help with many of the myriad aspects of effective IT governance. 

Intellectual capital and project governance

Companies depend on information and a significant part of their market value is made up of intangible assets. Organizations invest significant resources in information technology as an enabler to achieve strategic goals.  Effective corporate governance should ensure that IT projects are aligned to corporate objectives and that IT expenditure is appropriate for the business requirements. 


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